What are the benefits of a Safety and Health Program?

Establishing and maintaining a Safety and Health Program benefits the company using it in countless ways. Overall, having one of these programs will assist with the following:

  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Prevents injuries and illnesses from occurring
  • Helps decrease accidents, which saves the company money
  • All law and regulation compliance efforts will improve
  • Workers will be engaged with safety as well as their individual responsibilities

It may be surprising the amount of good that can come out of implementing a resilient Safety and Health Program. But people often turn away because of misconceptions about how much it costs to begin such a project. However, instead of thinking short-term, think how much better off the company will be in the long run. The long-term benefits are what distinguishes a company that follows through to one that has either not started or given up.

There are three elements that make this type of program feasible and successful in industrial environments. Those are:

  • Involved Management – Those in management positions are the ones that have the power to get started on this kind of safety culture shift. They have the resources and the power of persuasion.
  • Employee Participation – Participating in this culture shift is essential for it to take hold and continue to work for the team. Everyone has to be on board from the beginning to see significant improvements.
  • Actively Working to Find Existing Hazards – Continuous improvement is the name of the game in this aspect of implementing a Safety and Health Program. By following OSHA regulations and consensus standards, finding further hazards with Risk Assessments and using a method called Job Hazard Analysis becomes intuitive.

Without these three aspects of a Safety and Health Program, the company may not see any of the benefits mentioned. It’s important for everyone to be involved and serious about finding ways to make where they work a safer and healthier place for everyone.


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