How can I improve my workplace safety?

Workplace safety should be a continuous effort for any company. You will most likely never achieve perfect safety, so there will always be areas for improvement.

Strategies for Improvement

Here are some ways you can start improving the safety or your facility:

  • Organize: Often times a messy or cluttered facility can lead to injury. A great first step in improving your safety strategy is to organize workbenches and cells. Arranging spaces in a logical manner, organizing tools and materials, and cleaning will make it much easier for people to do their job without worrying about slipping or tripping.
  • Develop a committee: Workplace safety is seen as a priority when workers are brought together to form a safety committee. The safety committee is a permanent committee dedicated to identifying potential safety risks and implementing a solution. Senior management should support changes or improvements recommended by the committee.
  • Perform a JSA: In order to fully understand the state of your facility’s safety it will be important to conduct a Job Safety Analysis. It is proves use to identify safety hazards in specific jobs and use accepted best practices to make improvements; the more specific the better!
  • Go visual: Visual cues are one of the most effective ways to remind workers of safety practices and promote a culture of safety. The best visual communication strategies include a combination of equipment labels, wall signs, floor signs, floor markings, chemical labels, and more.
  • Take a Gemba walk: Sometimes managers and supervisors don’t spend much time on the production line or the facility floor and can often overlook safety hazards. Taking a Gemba walk in the workplace and speaking with the frontline workers can show you if jobs are being performed safely, if there are any glaring issues, and how people feel about current safety procedures.

There are so many different avenues to choose from when looking to improve the safety of your facility; above are just a few! The most important thing to remember when addressing occupational safety is to do it with a continuous improvement mindset and don’t forget to include everyone.


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