What are common hazards at a construction site?

Sidewalks, repairing roads, and maintaining the infrastructures of cities. Construction workers are a part of the day-to-day life in cities but are often working in hazardous conditions. Below are some of the most common dangers found in a construction site.

  • Confined spaces: Construction workers often find themselves working in confined spaces. Those working in spaces like manholes, tanks, and crawl spaces can face serious hazards including toxic and harmful substances, electrocutions, explosions, and asphyxiation.
  • Falls: Did you know falls are the leading cause of injury in the construction industry? Construction workers work from heights regularly and employers will need to provide training and proper fall protection in areas like walkways, hoist areas, holes, etc.
  • Struck-by hazard: A number of construction site accidents are the result of a struck-by hazard and there are four categories of struck-by hazards: falling objects, flying objects, swinging or slipping objects, and ground level objects. Every situation is unique, but there are specific safeguards you can put in place to address each hazard.
  • Hazardous energy: Dangerous equipment is often found on a construction site and will need maintenance or service at some point. Construction sites will need to practice a lockout/tagout program to ensure machinery is safely de-energize and re-energized when it is being worked on.
  • Chemicals: Like many other industrial workplaces, construction sites usually deal with a variety of toxic chemicals. Hazard communication is a standard notorious for being violated; the correct labeling of these chemicals and adherence to the GHS standard will not only keep workers safe but keep your organization in compliance. 

Working at a construction site can be a dangerous job and construction workers must receive proper training and be equipped with the appropriate PPE. This list is no means complete; it will be important to take assessment of the specific construction site so you can plan your safety strategy accordingly.


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