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FOD: How to Control and Prevent Foreign Object Debris

FOD: How to Control and Prevent Foreign Object Debris

FOD is an acronym for Foreign Object Debris and the consequences caused by this debris, Foreign Object Damage. Controlling FOD is critical in both the aviation and manufacturing industries.

MIL-STD-129: Military Marking for Shipment and Storage

MIL-STD-129: Military Marking for Shipment and Storage

MIL-STD-129 is the U.S. Department of Defense’s labeling standard for the shipment and storage of military equipment. Contractors must use military shipping labels and adhere to other DOD requirements.

Military Equipment [Condition Tags & Labeling]

Military Equipment [Condition Tags & Labeling]

Military equipment includes weapons, aircraft, vehicles, and personal gear that was intended for use by the Armed Forces. A wide variety of materials falls under this classification, and proper labeling of their condition is essential.

What is a thermal printer? (direct transfer)

What is a thermal printer? (direct transfer)

Thermal printers are essential to printing in an industrial setting. Learn about the two types of thermal printing to determine which one suits your facility’s needs.

Military Equipment Questions and Answers

What is a UID?

A UID is a Unique Identifier, which is a globally unique sequence of characters or numbers that is assigned to a single item. UIDs can be assigned to anything that needs to be distinguished from other items, and they are typically auto-generated at random using an algorithm. Unique identifiers are most popular in physical supply… 

What are military condition tags?

Military condition tags are tags that display the conditions of operational supplies such as weapons, ammo, forklifts, power tools, and more! Basically, any piece of equipment that is being supplied to the Department of Defense for military efforts will need to have a military condition tag adhered to it. These tags come in different colors… 

What military equipment requires tags?

Any equipment being sold or supplied to the Department of Defense will need a military condition label. Condition tags are used for a variety of reasons: to keep track of tools, to communicate the condition of the equipment, to track inspections, etc. These tags come in different colors that correspond with the current condition they… 

What is military equipment?

Those supplying to the Department of Defense must comply with two different standards, MIL-STD-129 and MIL-STD-130. These standards were developed for tracking items, cases, and pallets throughout the defense contractor supply chain. When labeling with condition tags, military materials are classified as any item or tool a military force needs to do their job. This… 

Military equipment—ammunition, weapons, vehicles, supplies, etc. – in harsh environment, needs durable labels that meet industry standards and can survive the elements. Condition tags are a kind of sticker adhered to military equipment, relaying important and accurate condition data about the equipment as it is tracked through the supply chain of defense contractors.

Equipment being supplied to the Department of Defense to aid in the execution of battlefield missions should have a condition tag to indicate it is not intended for ordinary sale; this includes equipment from massive aircrafts all the way down to a pair of night vision goggles. These military condition tags come in five different colors:

  • Yellow Tags: DD Form 1574
  • Brown Tags: DD Form 1575
  • Blue Tags: DD Form 1576
  • Red Tags: DD Form 1577-1
  • Green Tags: DD Form 1755-2

Each color corresponds with specific forms from the DoD detailing the current condition of the equipment: whether or not it’s serviceable, if it’s currently under testing, if the machine is reparable, etc. Additionally, these tags are standardized across different divisions and departments, facilitating effective communication and allowing for easier and faster identification.

For defense and military environments, how you label matters. Military operations can change in a matter of minutes, and it is absolutely crucial individuals understand the condition of the equipment they are working with or around. At Creative Safety Supply, we offer durable solutions and expert resources for your military labeling needs – keep everyone safe and run missions smoothly by learning more.

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