LabelTac® 4 Pro GHS Bundle

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LabelTac® 4 Pro GHS Bundle
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Tackle your GHS/HazCom labeling project with this LabelTac® 4 Pro GHS Bundle. It comes with all the tools you’ll need to start labeling right away: a LabelTac® 4 Pro industrial label printer, label creation software, label supply, print ribbon, labels with preprinted GHS diamonds, and a helpful poster to reference while making your labels. With this bundle, you can create labels and signs up to 4” tall and 40” long that resist water, chemicals, UV rays, and other contaminants. That means your labels won’t smear or fade over time, which is critical when you’re dealing with hazardous chemical containers. 

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Warranty Information

5 Year Warranty

Labels made with LabelTac® Supply are durable and long-lasting. We guarantee they will last 5 years indoors or outdoors. If your labels fail, we will send you one roll of the same supply for free.

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LabelTac® 4 Pro GHS Bundle

LabelTac® 4 Pro GHS Bundle
$2,177.88 $1,699.00
(You save $478.88)


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