How to make land agricultural?

The agriculture industry is continuing to develop, introducing new technologies to maximize efficiency and expanding to previously unusable land to optimize the space available. Allowing the option to increase food production and transform communities, here are some of the ways tricky land can be made into usable farmland:

Level the land

Land which is on an incline or is particularly uneven has previously not been considered an option for farmers, but with an amount of preparation, this is no longer the case. Although there are potential limitations such as erosion, soil type, and salinity, it is often possible to level ground and improve water build-up using heavy-duty machinery. 

Control pests

Especially in unfamiliar conditions, the risk of pests and disease is a significant concern to farmers. Initial assessments will be needed to gain an understanding of the threats and then the necessary biological controls or use of pesticides can be implemented accordingly. In these situations, it will be important to regularly inspect crops for any signs of pests or disease so action can be taken quickly.

Drainage implementation

A reliable water supply is needed and this is possible through the creation of irrigation channels, wells, or ponds. Depending on the nature of the crops being grown and the land conditions, irrigation techniques will need to be implemented based on the requirements, ranging from drip irrigation to sprinkler systems. Many agricultural workers in harsher environments actively seek methods of retaining rainwater to prepare for dry seasons, cutting down costs and reducing water waste.

Control soil quality

Since the quality of soil is vital for the growth of crops, it may be necessary to incorporate organic matter such as compost or manure. The soil should be tested to see whether it contains sufficient nutritional value and if it is necessary to improve soil structure and fertility, fertilizers can be added to optimize pH levels.


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