What are the advantages of a QR code over a barcode?

While normal 1D barcodes may be the standard and easy “go to” option for a majority of companies that need to gather information about a product efficiently and effectively, 2D barcodes such as QR codes are taking up residence in facilities and becoming more commonplace for more reasons than many may think. With that being said, QR codes are versatile in their information giving abilities, and that comes with a whole new set of businesses opportunities that can be taken advantage of.

Benefits of QR Codes

QR codes hold more information – 2D barcodes like QR codes have the ability to contain 2,500 characters, compare that to the measly 25 characters of a normal 1D barcode.

They take up less space – 1D barcodes have to be sized appropriately for a scanner to be able to read its contents. However, QR codes can be up to 10 times smaller than a standard barcode.

Scanners can easily read them – Standard barcodes must be read from right to left whereas QR codes can be scanned sideways and even upside-down.

QR codes work even when damaged – In the event a QR code becomes damaged, it has an error threshold of 30% meaning that if a large portion of the code is seemingly unreadable, the scanner is still able to readily receive all the information it has available. Compare that to standard barcodes where even if there is a small area that is damaged it renders the barcode useless.

They are able to reach a wide consumer base with relevant product information – One of the more significant advantages of QR codes over barcodes is that QR codes have the ability to provide information about a product, the business, and anything else the business can think of. For that reason, QR codes can become an excellent marketing tool.

Error-free – Lastly, along with the QR code’s ability to provide useful information to the consumer base, it also provides an easy error free ability to access that information. For example, think about how much time it take to type in a URL address for a business’s website and the possibility of the customer making mistakes typing it in. A QR code has the ability to send the customer directly to the company website with no hassle.

Overall, QR codes open up a wide array of marketing assets for companies and provide an ease in scanning that normal 1D barcodes cannot achieve.


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