Why is electrical safety important?

Workplace safety is something that every company needs to make a top priority. There are many types of hazards that exist, and in general they are all just covered under the generic topic of workplace safety. Interestingly, electrical safety is often addressed separately by many businesses. Some people wonder why electrical safety is so important, and why it gets so much attention. There are many statistics and facts that can provide some insights into what makes electrical safety stand out when it comes to the efforts that are made to improve safety.

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The following are some interesting, and often unsettling, facts about electrical safety in the workplace.

  • High Incident Rates – In a survey 97% of professional electricians have reported that they have been shocked or otherwise injured while on the job. While most of these were minor shocks, this illustrates just how often they take place.
  • Workplace Fatalities – Electrocutions ranks as the fourth most common cause of workplace deaths.
  • Disabling Injuries – Electrocutions are also responsible for a large number of employees becoming disabled each year. On average 3600 people are disabled in this way each year.
  • Medical Costs – The medical costs related to a serious electrical burn can be over $4 million and take many years.
  • Total Costs – Medical costs aren’t the only expense associated with electricity related incidents. These incidents can cause fires, damage to equipment, and more. In just one year, electric incidents cost $14.6 billion to American facilities.

Electrical Safety is Unique

As you can see from the statistics above, electrical safety a priority in the workplace is very important. In addition, hazards related to electricity are often quite different than other types of workplace dangers. Finally, electrical hazards are not something that the average person has much experience with, which is why it is critical that they are given at least basic electrical safety training so they know how to avoid accidents or injuries. While it is true that all workplace safety is important, electrical safety needs to be treated differently to ensure the safety of everyone in the facility.


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