What are lockout/tagout tags?

In the lockout/tagout procedure, the person who is working in a potentially dangerous area will need to attach a tag to the lock that they are putting on the power cord or other power supply. This tag is where the procedure gets the second half (tag out) of its name. Understanding what a LOTO tag is, and what purpose it serves, is important for successfully implementing this type of safety program in your facility.

Physical Description of a Tag

A lockout/tagout tag can come in a variety of different designs. Choosing the one that works best for your facility will help ensure they are easily recognizable. While you can pick any design you would like, it is best to stick with only one design at all times so that it does not cause confusion.

In general, these tags will be rectangular with a hole at the top used to fasten it to the lock. The tag itself will be white with red and/or black print. The print should tell those in the area that there is danger present, and that the tag should not be removed or the machine operated. Most tags will also have empty lines where operators can fill out additional information about why the lockout/tagout procedure is being implemented.


Where Tags are Used

These tags are attached to the lock when removing a power source from a machine. In general, one tag should be applied to each lock. If there are multiple people working on a machine, they should each be adding their own lock with their own tag separately so that there is no risk that one person could re-engage the power while someone else is still working in a hazardous area.

Information On a LOTO Tag

In addition to the generic information letting people know that they should not remove the tag or restore the power to a machine, a LOTO tag should have information about why it is being used. This will typically include the name of the person attaching the tag, the date on which it was attached, and in many cases, details about the work that is being done.


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