What is a lockout/tagout station?

When it comes to implementing the lockout/tagout program in a facility, nothing makes it easier or more effective than a LOTO station. This is a simple place where you can store all the various components of the LOTO program so that they are all easy to find whenever you need them. In addition, this type of station will also make it easy for employees to return everything to where it belongs so that it doesn’t get misplaced or damaged.

What Comes in a LOTO Station?

There are many different types of lockout/tagout stations that you can purchase, and each one will have a different list of items that is included. In general, however, you will find locks, tags, keys, instructions, and a location where it can all be stored.

The locks can either be the standard padlock options, or one of a variety of other options that can be used to secure a power source. Some stations will actually have multiple different items that can serve to lock out a power source so that it can be used on different types of machinery.

For the tags, a station may have just one type of tag, or if necessary, multiple types. Most facilities will want to stick with one standard tag throughout the area, but that is not required. There are times when certain machinery would benefit more from one type of tag, and another machine would require a different tag. Either way, a LOTO station will provide you with a safe location to store it all.

Where Does a LOTO Station Go?

There are really two options when it comes to installing a lockout/tagout station. The first option is to install it right next to the power source for a machine. This makes it so the equipment is there when it is needed. In addition, it will serve as a reminder to follow procedures every time the machine is being worked on. When this is done, each machine will need to have its own LOTO station installed.

The other option is to install the station in a central location that is convenient for everyone to access. This way only one lockout/tagout station is needed for the entire facility. When a centralized station is installed, however, it is important to ensure it has enough of each item to be used on multiple machines at once, should it be necessary.


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