What is a pipe marker?

A pipe marker is a form of visual communication that primarily uses an adhesive vinyl tape to label substances being transported via pipes throughout the warehouse. Pipe markers are an incredibly important aspect of visual communication, especially for those performing tasks or maintenance on pipes.

While performing maintenance, it is essential that workers know exactly what is contained in each pipe within the area because if one is mistaken for a water source and is opened but it turns out the pipe’s contents was a flammable substance, the situation immediately can become deadly to workers. Pipe markers are also extremely important to have in the case of an emergency. Having them will allow emergency workers to appropriately help those who were injured, as well as know how to stop the flow of liquid using the correct protective equipment.

There are several forms that a pipe marker can take to make pipe marking easy and highly visible to those passing by. Those materials include:

  • Standard pipe marking vinyl with adhesive is used and has been used by virtually all facilities following OSHA regulations. They are extremely durable, easy to clean, and last for a long time with the right care.
  • Arrow tape is used in conjunction with standard vinyl pipe markers for larger pipes that require more visibility when it comes to directional flow.
  • Pipe marking wraps are for those needing to label pipes but don’t want to prep the surface of the pipe or deal with adhesive. Simply unroll the PVC material and wrap it around the desired pipe and that pipe wrap with stay in place until removed.

There are also two different ways to obtain pipe markers for a facility. Both provide their own unique benefits for the company based on the specific situation they are in.

  • Facilities may pre-order pipe marking labels from a supplier. This is often an alright choice if the company needs only a few labels at a time as they must pay for labor and transportation costs of getting the label to them.
  • Purchasing an in-house industrial label printer is a good choice for those needing to start an entirely new pipe marking project or needing to replace all the existing labels within the facility. In fact, having an in-house printer is useful because the facility has access to labels on-demand. There’s no wait time and no extra labor costs whatsoever. This makes the labels a fraction of the price of those that are pre-made, which helps to pay off the upfront cost of the industrial printer in no time at all.

Pipe markers are an important part of facility labeling and visual communication because they ensure workers are well informed of their surroundings when working around hazardous chemicals.


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