Does pipe marking affect efficiency?

When companies look at pipe marking strategies, they often start by reviewing how these markings can improve the safety of a company. While pipe markings certainly do help to improve workplace safety, that is just the beginning of the benefits that they offer.

A good pipe marking strategy will also help to boost the efficiency of many areas of the company. While this may not be immediately obvious, once one really dives into how pipe markings will be used, it is easy to see this advantage.

Maintenance of Pipes

One of the first ways that pipe markings will improve efficiency is by making it a lot easier to clean and maintain the piping system in any facility. Whenever working on pipes it is critical to know what is contained within the pipes before doing anything to them. If you mistakenly open a pipe thinking it is just water, but it is actually a corrosive fluid, it can cause a lot of damage.

If the pipes aren’t properly marked, then whenever someone is working on any part of the piping system they will have to review the whole system, or even trace the pipes back to their source. This will waste a lot of time and cause serious delays in the work that needs to be done.

Tracing Pipe

Even if it is clear what is in a pipe, there are times when it is necessary to be able to trace a pipe back to its source. For example, if the pressure in a pipe isn’t what it should be, that could be because of a leak in the pipe along the way. Since pipes often travel thousands of feet throughout facilities, it can be an extremely tedious process to inspect it all, especially when the pipes are constantly intersecting with other pipes. With proper labeling, the maintenance team can quickly follow the pipe wherever it leads and find the source of the problem.

Easy Access to Proper Fluids

Finally, having a properly marked pipe will dramatically reduce the time it takes to determine where to hook up hoses or other things to gain access to the desired fluid or gas. When pipes are labeled properly, all employees can quickly go up to the faucet or other access point on the pipe, and get what they need. Without the proper labeling, it will be far to easy to confuse one pipe for another, which can result in not only danger, but also wasted fluids and time.


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