What are the best way to label warehouse racks?

The best ways to label warehouse racking lies in the clarity of the location label. Location labels are what mark the place of an item that can be found by scanning a barcode, which then will give the scanner the precise location of the product to go find in the warehouse.

Creating an Efficient System

How these warehouse locations are numbered will ultimately affect how efficient and productive warehouse operations are, which is why it is incredibly important to get these right the first time or to continuously make improvements when the data shows a decline in productivity. Some of the best ways to label racks in warehouses involve:

  • Utilizing a sequential system – This is an important aspect of using location labels for racks and other storage spaces because it will help the employee ultimately find a product. This is why alphanumeric systems work so well rather than the use of colors which don’t have a clear order.
  • Being consistent with using either letters or numbers, or both – Everything is about consistency within a rack labeling system. Without consistency, employees will never have the chance to be 100% sure of their navigation skills around the warehouse.
  • Keeping the location label names succinct – This is another important aspect that should always be remembered in creating a successful rack labeling system. These types of environments require speed to keep up with high volumes of demand and to do that, employees need location labels and rack labels to be precise enough for a quick glance to know then where to go.

All three of these aspects are intertwined to create an environment that has been made to promote maximum efficiency. Companies looking to implement a rack labeling system to better manage their inventory will do well to remember these concepts.


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