What Does ASHRAE Stand For?

ASHRAE stands for the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers. This is a professional organization that has been around since 1895. While it started in America and with a focus on American engineers, the association has grown to have more than 50,000 embers that come from more than 130 different countries.

This global group of people who are focused on this industry in a variety of different ways. The fun research projects, conducting educational programs, publishing technical standards, and much more. The goal is to help improve the industry as much as possible to help benefit the world with better energy efficiency, air quality, sustainability, and much more.

Many companies like to have their HVAC engineers be members of ASHRAE. This helps them to stay up to date on the latest innovations and standards that should be followed. In addition, the group is a great resource for looking into how things should be done or getting help with planning or overcoming specific problems.

While this association is not something that is required for all heating, refrigeration, and air-conditioning engineers, it is a great one to join, which is why it is so popular. Even non-members, however, can benefit from looking at the various standards and best practices that are published by ASHRAE. These can help to improve efficiency, safety, and much more.


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