What Is DFSS?

DFSS stands for Design for Six Sigma. This is a way that companies or individuals can work to create new products, processes, and services that are of the highest quality possible. The goal is to create things that will be able to best meet the needs of the customers by driving as much value with as little waste from the very beginning.

When most people think of Six Sigma, the focus is on improving existing processes, products, and services. While this is certainly an important thing for businesses to do, it is even better to avoid any type of waste or quality issues from the very beginning. That is where the DFSS approach can be used.

Taking the time to think through a product or process design will typically make this initial phase take significantly longer than it otherwise would. By taking this time upfront, however, it is possible to avoid making mistakes and provide a product or service that the customers will be happier with from the very beginning.

Of course, whenever working on a new project, you need to balance out the need to create something of the highest quality possible with a need to complete the project and bring it to market fast. The DFSS process helps to find that balance while getting to a result promptly that will provide significant benefits to the company both now and throughout the lifecycle of the product or service.


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