What is the main goal of implementing Six Sigma?

Most people have heard of Six Sigma, and many have even used the tools or strategies in their roles in the workplace. When a company decides to implement Six Sigma, it is important that everyone involved understands what the main goal of this process is going to be. Six Sigma is not simply a program that people use to gain another certification to add on to their resume. Instead, this is a real quality improvement methodology that has been proven effective for decades.

Structuring Continuous Improvement

A company that implements Six Sigma is going to be attempting to improve the quality of their products or services for their customers. Unlike many process improvement programs, however, Six Sigma is looking to make long-lasting changes. These aren’t just changes to individual processes, but to the overall culture of the company. By changing the way people at every level of a business think and look at their role with the company, it allows for natural improvements to the way each individual process is handled.

As Six Sigma is implemented, a company will begin identifying areas of waste, learning about the true needs of their customers, and helping to benefit everyone involved. When done properly, a company will typically see immediate process improvements as well as movement regarding how decisions are made that can provide benefits for years to come.

Additional Benefits of Six Sigma

In addition to a more efficient workplace, Six Sigma helps to change the culture of a company in many positive ways. For example, rather than pushing a competitive or hostile work environment, Six Sigma encourages mentorship between employees at different levels. This can help create a great atmosphere of advancement that will benefit both the employees and the business. Six Sigma businesses also have a great reputation for meeting their customer’s needs consistently, which can help to further increase profitability, secure new customers, and much more.


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