Are employers required to develop a written infectious disease preparedness and response plan?

There are many things that businesses need to do to keep their employees safe. As we are learning with the current COVID-19 pandemic, businesses will play a key role in the overall safety and well-being of the country. Whether that means shutting down for the protection of others, or taking dramatic safety steps while in operation, employers need to be prepared. One of the best things an employer can do to be prepared for a pandemic is to create a written infectious disease preparedness response plan.

Some types of businesses are already required to have this type of plan in place. This would include many medical facilities and related industries. Most businesses, however, are not required by law to have one on hand. While it is not usually legally mandated, this type of plan should be a key aspect of any business’s disaster response and recovery planning efforts. Even now it is not too late for a business to begin working on this type of document. It will be an effective way to come up with how to respond to the current situation as well as preparing for whatever the future holds.

If you are working on developing a written infectious disease preparedness and response plan now, make sure that it will be able to be used for future issues as well. In addition to the current COVID-19 pandemic, medical professionals have long said that large scale infectious diseases represent one of the greatest threats. Even if your business is currently closed, developing this type of plan is an excellent way to spend your downtime.


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