How can social distancing be done with kids?

Social distancing is not limited to adults in any circumstances during this Covid-19 outbreak. At this time, parents absolutely must help their kids with practicing social distancing as rumors are going around that kids are not at high risk for contracting the coronavirus or the complications that may come with the disease. This rumor, while false, also does not bring to light that those children have full capability to give the virus to other members of their family and friends who have come into contact with them during gatherings and play dates. This can happen even if the child is asymptomatic, meaning they are showing no signs of the virus. This can be disastrous to the older generation and other high-risk groups in society. Children who are not involved in practicing social distancing could very well be contributing to the potential need for long-term social distancing down the road.

Understandably, parents want to keep their children occupied during the day when school has been canceled for an extended period without the option of childcare. This dilemma can be alleviated with things such as:

  • Structured learning activities
  • Exercise
  • Games
  • Creative time
  • Video calls with friends and family

All of these options can be done while parents are working from home if that is a viable option for their place of work. These activities and anything else that can be thought of for engaging kids’ minds will help the day go by faster and keep them occupied while in social distance mode. Routine is key in this concept for keeping children busy, if this is not attained then you will most definitely have bored and restless kids running around the house.


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