What is the scale of social distancing?

The scale of social distancing is becoming more than just a localized effort by communities that have been affected already. Social distancing has become an effort known around the world to attempt to stop the Coronavirus in its tracks. This strategy is needed now more than ever because there is no known vaccine that can combat the virus yet. To revisit what it means to social distance, people must:

  • Keep six feet away from others at all times
  • Only go out to essential businesses if it is absolutely necessary
  • No visitors or gathering in large groups

These three things combined with proper hygiene such as washing hands for at least 20 seconds and disinfecting surfaces regularly gives the virus has less room to spread from person to person. If this strategy is followed by everyone, the need for social distancing might not need to be extended for a longer period of time. However, that is only the case if everyone follows the guidelines and doesn’t make any exceptions for themselves.

What if I’m not sick?

Social distancing should still be practiced if you aren’t showing symptoms. There is a possibility of being asymptomatic, meaning no symptoms are showing even though a person has been infected. Going out while asymptomatic puts those who are at high risk of contracting Covid-19 in danger and gives the virus an opportunity to spread rapidly. Practicing social distancing can save lives, protect yourself and others by doing so. This is a global pandemic that can only be solved if everyone works together by doing their part in practicing social distancing


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