Can social distancing be practiced in gyms?

Social distancing is a concept that was thrust into the consciousness of just about everyone in the world. While just about everyone understands what it means, it is not always easy to implement it successfully. There are certain places that just aren’t made for social distancing. Gymnasiums, for example. While they may be large open areas, they are usually used for things where people are interacting closely together. Whether you are a teacher, you own a gym, or you are planning an event that will take place in a gym, it is important to think about how social distancing can be followed in these kinds of facilities.

Social Distancing on the Gym Floor

There are many different types of athletic events that can take place while remaining six feet apart. For example, one-on-one games that involve a net will work just fine. Baseball allows people to stay mostly apart, though there are times when they come close together to be concerned about. Jogging, yoga, racing, and other individual sporting activities can be a great way to keep people active in a gym while maintaining distance. Gyms are also commonly used for things like job fairs, craft shows, and other similar events. When this is the case, placing the tables or booths further apart, and installing barriers on them will be helpful. Using floor marking arrows to direct the way people walk through will also be helpful.

Social Distancing in the Stands

If you are hosting an event where there will be people in the stands at a gym, make sure to indicate where they can and can’t sit. The easiest way to do this is to tape off every other row (or however many are needed to keep people six feet apart. In addition, use some type of marking tape or paint to mark off distances of six feet on the seats themselves so people will know how much room to leave between families.

Using Masks

When engaging in some type of activity that will require people to occasionally come within six feet of each other make sure that they are wearing masks. This will help to minimize the risk of the spread of COVID-19 should someone have it. Sports and other gym activities are important for both children and adults. Learning how to engage in these activities while staying safe from COVID is going to be a critical adjustment for everyone in the months (and potentially years) to come.


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