What guidance has been published for employers during the COVID-19 outbreak?

The COVID-19 outbreak has been an event like nothing most people alive today have ever experienced. It quickly became necessary for employers to learn how to keep their employees and customers safe from the spread of this virus. While many companies had to shut down to help get the pandemic under control, most businesses are now opening back up to serve their customers. While the spread has certainly been slowed, companies still need to take great precautions to help prevent it from accelerating again as they open back up. Fortunately, a lot of guidance has been published that can help to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Guidance from OSHA & CDC

OSHA and the CDC have put out a significant amount of information that can help employers to make smart decisions when it comes to keeping their customers and employees safe. Due to the fact that the information available about COVID-19 is constantly changing, it is important for business owners and managers to keep up to date with the latest recommendations. Fortunately, each of these agencies has a central hub on their website that will make it easy to find the most recent and accurate guidance.

To get the latest information from the CDC, visit their Coronavirus (COVID-19) page. To get the latest information from OSHA, visit their COVID-19 Information hub. On each of these pages you will find dozens of links to essential information that is designed to make it as easy as possible to get the specific guidance that is needed for your industry. Some examples of the guidance that can be found on these pages includes:

  • Guidance for Specific Industries – OSHA has released a document that provides advice tailored to specific industries to help them limit the spread of COVID.
  • Social Distancing Recommendations – Both OSHA and the CDC have shared extensive information with advice on how to manage social distancing in the workplace.
  • Watching for Symptoms – The CDC provides information on what the symptoms of COVID-19 are and what employers should watch out for.
  • Face Coverings – Information about how to effectively use face coverings is helpful in limiting the spread of the Coronavirus.

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