What industries are affected by Phase Two of the Federal Guidance for Reopening?

As states continue to reopen in America, some have qualified to move beyond Phase One and are ready to enter Phase Two of the reopening guidance that has been established by the federal government. In partnership with the CDC, the Trump Administration recommends that states and regions may move into Phase Two if there is no evidence of a rebound in documented COVID-19 cases or positive tests within a 14-day period, and if the gating criteria is satisfied for a second time. This second phase allows more industries to open, loosens restrictions on physical distancing protocols, and allows nonessential travel to resume.

Industries that are affected by Phase Two include:

  • Gyms, which may officially reopen as long as they adhere to strict sanitation and physical distancing protocols.
  • Restaurants and bars. Bars are allowed to operate with physical distancing and curtailed standing-room occupancy. Restaurants are allowed to operate with physical distancing and may offer sit-down dining at reduced occupancy.
  • Organized youth activities such as camps and daycares.
  • Movie theaters and other large venues, such as sporting venues, which can reopen with physical distancing measures in place.
  • Healthcare facilities that offer elective surgeries, which may resume these elective surgeries.

While more businesses are given the green light to reopen, it’s important to keep in mind that Phase Two is just the second of three steps to the federal government’s guidance, and reopening is only allowed under some restrictions. For example, employees should still be encouraged to telework if possible, gatherings of more than 50 people should be avoided, visits to senior care facilities is prohibited, and everyone should maximize their physical distance from other people when out in public.

As certain regions enter Phase Two, the novel coronavirus is still making its impact felt around the world. Until there is effective treatment, individuals must continue healthy hygiene practices, including keeping at least six feet away from others. Phase Two especially recommends that people who are vulnerable to COVID-19 (those who are elderly and/or have serious underlying health conditions) should continue to shelter in place.


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