What is recommended in Phase Three of the federal guidance for reopening?

Phase three, the last phase in a series written by the CDC and the presidential administration, outlines guidance on the subject of reopening the country amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Reopening the country does not come without the risk of another wave of Covid-19 infections, which is why these three phases play an integral part in protecting the public. However, reaching that third phase is dependent on the meeting of pre-requisites for reopening. This often includes the decrease in newly developed Coronavirus cases, deaths, and increased testing capabilities.

Phase three may look as though normal life can continue while we recover from this global epidemic, but recovery does not mean we are in the clear as there still won’t be a vaccine for the Coronavirus. Awareness of one’s surroundings and the continuation of hygienic behaviors is essential even though businesses and other public spaces will be accepting customers and visitors.

Recommendations for Phase 3

According to the government, phase three will entail the following:

Vulnerable individuals at this stage can resume regular activities in public. However, they should still practice appropriate social distancing since the virus might not be completely eradicated from that area. The lower-risk population should still consider spending time away from large crowds as a precautionary method for minimizing infection.

Employers are allowed to bring back staff at full capacity if necessary while still actively upholding their site specific exposure control plan

Specific establishments that care for patients in senior care facilities and hospitals are allowed to resume visitation from family members and friends as long as high levels of hygiene are upheld. Large venues, gyms, and bars are allowed to operate with limited social distancing protocols as long as regular cleaning protocols are still being practiced.


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