What is recommended in Phase Two of the Federal Guidance for Reopening?

Together, the Trump Administration and the CDC have established reopening guidelines for industries and businesses in America as the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic recedes. Many states are qualified to enter Phase Two under this reopening guidance, which means that more businesses can resume services and people can once again travel for nonessential reasons. For many businesses, this is great news—but reopening is only allowed under certain restrictions and circumstances.

Phase Two of the federal guidance for reopening recommends that physical distancing protocols remain in place, especially for industries such as restaurants, bars, gyms, healthcare, and youth services. Visiting senior care facilities is still prohibited, and you should continue to avoid large gatherings of 50 or more people. Phase Two indicates that people may get drinks, go workout, and sit down at a restaurant again—but they should do so cautiously while practicing social distancing.

Regions may only move into Phase Two if there has not been a local rebound of documented COVID-19 cases or positive tests within a 14-day period. States must also satisfy the gating criteria for a second time, which includes:

  • A downward trajectory of COVID-like syndromic cases, as well as influenza-like illnesses, within a 14-day period
  • Capacities for hospitals to treat each patient without crisis care
  • Having a testing program established for healthcare workers who are at risk. This testing includes antibody testing that is still currently being developed

On top of this, states must be able to accommodate certain responsibilities and preparedness. This includes the capability for testing and contact tracing, efficient capacity in their healthcare systems, and established plans to protect the health and safety of at-risk workers, such as those who work in senior care facilities, healthcare facilities, public transit, and other critical industries.

Reopening may only take place slowly, and Phase Two is just the second of three steps that the federal government has established. Even if your local area is entering Phase Two, precautions must continue to be taken to prevent further flare-ups of COVID-19 cases. If your business can reopen, implement social distancing tools and other types of visual communication to help make sure your employees and customers are staying safe.


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