How can essential retail stores and public premises practice social distancing?

Essential retail stores and public premises must practice proper social distancing techniques to protect their employees and citizens from catching the Coronavirus at all times. Making sure employees at essential businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, healthcare centers, banks, manufacturing plants, etc. are aware of the rules pertaining to social distancing is vitally important since they will be guiding customers who may need some reminders on how to go about keeping a proper distance from others.

As for public places, these can be public parks, national parks, city squares, public transport, etc. These places usually have signs directing citizens on what to do and what not to do amid this global pandemic since staffing is scarce.Six feet of social distancing

Social distancing for public places and businesses includes:

Social distancing is a measure that should be practiced by the entire population to be able to successfully eradicate the Coronavirus, especially since there is no vaccine available yet. To help with this, companies and areas that are public spaces can go even further with social distancing techniques to protect the public and themselves by:

  • Managing the number of people in stores at any given time
  • Providing visual guidance on where to stand in line by using dots, X’s, or anything else to have a clear understanding of distance between customers and employees
  • Curbside pickup is a good option if it can be accomplished
  • Increasing the percentage of outdoor air that circulates within the space
  • Educating employees on proper protocol for disinfecting surfaces
  • Put up signs + posters to remind the public about proper social distancing

There is always something to improve upon in these situations whether that be knowledge on how to deal with the circumstances or how to encourage practicing social distancing in others.


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