Are valve tags the same as pipe labeling?

Visual communication techniques are important in just about all areas of a facility. When looking at pipes, valves, and other aspects of this type of system, it is even more critical. This is because pipes and valves are often located up in the ceiling, under the floor, behind a wall, or in some other location where they can’t easily be seen. Having them properly labeled and tagged will make it much easier for anyone working on or with these systems to do it in a way that won’t expose them to danger.

Pipe Labels vs Valve Tags

People sometimes think that pipe labels and valve tags are the same thing, but that is not actually the case. A pipe label is going to be applied directly to a pipe in a variety of different locations. It will be used to identify what is within the pipe, what direction the solution is flowing, and other important information. These labels may also include details about potential hazards associated with the solution, and much more.

Valve tags only go on or near the valves themselves, not along the pipes. These tags are typically much smaller than a label and will therefore have less information printed on them. Valve tags sometimes just have a number on them that is then referenced in a computer system or document that gives the necessary information about them.

Both are Great for Safety

Any facility that is looking to improve workplace safety will want to make sure that they are using both pipe labels and valve tags. While they are both used on piping systems, they serve very different purposes. If a company tries to incorporate all the necessary information onto either a label or a tag it will only cause confusion and other problems. Both pipe labels and valve tags are easy to install, inexpensive, and long lasting so there is really no reason not to add both of them into the locations where they are needed.


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