What are plumbing valve tags?

Valve tags are used in many different situations to provide information to anyone who works with or around pipe valves. Plumbing systems are among the most common areas where valves are used, so it makes sense that these tags are quite popular in these situations. Understanding what plumbing valve tags are, how to use them, and why they are beneficial is important for plumbers, safety professionals, and many others.

What are Plumbing Valves?

A plumbing valve is any valve that is used within a plumbing system. Valves are most commonly found in larger industrial facilities, though they can be found in residential homes as well. Residential valves will include the shutoff valve located at or near each end area such as sinks, toilets, and more. There will also be a main shutoff valve to turn the water off to the whole house. While plumbing valve tags aren’t typically used in residential situations, they can sometimes be found on the main shutoff valve.

In industrial environments there are plumbing valves located in many different areas. These valves control where the water travels in the same way that the residential ones do. Commercial valves like this, however, are typically much larger and control bigger pipes. It is helpful to include a valve tag on every valve in industrial situations.

What Material is Used?

Plumbing valve tags can be made from metal, plastic, wood, or paper/cardboard. In most cases, plastic is the ideal option because it won’t get damaged from the moisture that is commonly found on and around plumbing pipes. Choosing the right material is important as it will help to ensure the tag will last as long as possible without any issues.

What Information Goes on Plumbing Valve Tags?

Choosing what information is needed on a plumbing valve tag is important. In some cases, simply placing a number on the tag is sufficient as long as that number references documentation kept in the facility that provides additional details. For larger tags, it can be beneficial to list what type of water (potable, waste, etc), whether the water is hot or cold, and other details. Even specifying where the water is to be used may be necessary.


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