Do valve tags have words, numbers, or pictures on them?

Valve tags are an important safety item in facilities around the world. In many places they are required in order to follow the standards put out by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Even these organizations, however, don’t have a lot of strict requirements regarding what will go on the tags themselves. They do have guidelines regarding the meaning of certain colors and other factors, but what goes on the tags is largely going to be up to the workplace safety manager.

Valve Tag Words

Valve tags are often quite small and won’t have room for words. For larger tags it is common to put information about what type of solution will be released if the valve is opened, where the valve leads, and other important details. Using concise language to make it as easy to understand as possible will provide the biggest benefit.

Valve Tag Numbers

It is very common for a valve tag to have a number on it. In many cases, a number is the only thing (other than color) that a valve tag will have room for. When numbers are used on these tags it is going to refer to the valve number, which can then be referenced in a central key or document. That document will list information about each valve by number so employees, maintenance personnel, and emergency responders can quickly get the details they need.

Valve Tag Pictures

Pictures or pictograms aren’t often used on valve tags, but they can be added if there is room. When this is the case, a simple image that identifies specific hazards associated with the solution being transported through the pipes is appropriate. These pictures could indicate a fire hazard, toxic hazard, acid, or other potential dangers. It will be up to the workplace safety manager to choose whether to just have a picture on the tag, or to have that be a part of the tag in addition to words or numbers.


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