How do valve tags improve workplace safety?

Workplace safety managers know that it is often the smallest things that can help to make the most important improvements in the safety of employees, equipment, and the public. One example of this is using valve tags to provide information about a valve to those in the area. Learning how valve tags can improve workplace safety is an important step in minimizing risks.

What are valve tags?

Valve tags are simple items that are used to provide information related to valves. These can be valves that are part of a plumbing system, gas system, hazardous chemical system, or any number of other things. Valve tags can be made out of plastic, metal, wood, paper, cardboard, or just about any other material. In most cases, the tag will either include just a number that can be used to get more information on a valve tag chart, or additional information if the tag is large enough.

Where are valve tags used?

In most situations, valve tags are applied directly on each valve within a facility. This may not include standard valve such as those that feed into a sink, toilet, or other type of equipment. The industrial valves that control large amounts of water, or those that control any type of hazardous liquid or gas, will almost always have a valve tag installed to help make it easier for those in the area to get the information they need.

How can valve tags improve safety?

Valve tags improve safety by making it easier for people to get the information they need. Employees will often be able to identify what a valve controls just by looking at its color, its material, or other information. These tags may also be used by maintenance professionals or others who work on or around the valves to ensure they don’t accidentally open the wrong one. Overall, valve tags are one of the simples, and most affordable, options for workplace safety improvement.


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