What are chemical valve tags?

Facilities around the world use piping systems to safely transport hazardous chemicals throughout a facility. The pipes are designed to keep the chemicals contained so that they can be used in the machines or other areas without worry. This has proven to be a much safer option than trying to transport the chemicals by barrel, bottle, or other container. The area where the chemical comes out of the pipes, however, can still be quite dangerous. This is typically controlled by a valve system, which must be operated properly. In order to ensure nobody opens the wrong valve, facilities will typically use chemical valve tags to keep everyone safe.

Material of Chemical Valve Tags

Chemical valve tags are made from a material that is chosen based on the type of chemical that will be present in the area. In some cases, metal valve tags are the right option because they don’t get damaged when exposed to some chemicals. In other situations, plastic is a safer option because it can stand up to other types of chemicals. The important thing is to make sure all chemical valve tags are not at risk of either damage or causing dangerous fumes or other reactions should they come in contact with the chemical.

Installing Chemical Valve Tags

Installing valve tags on chemical transportation pipes is a very simple process. In most cases the tag will simply be attached to the valve using a metal or plastic clip. This will keep it securely in place so that it is easy to see. The location of these tags will depend on factors such as how often the valves are used, the position of the valve, and more.

From a functional point of view, chemical valve tags are no different than any other type of valve tag. They are used to quickly convey information to people who work with or around pipes that carry potentially dangerous chemicals. Taking the time to choose the right tags, and install them properly, is one small step toward improving the overall safety of the facility.


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