What is a valve tag chart?

Valve tags are a great way to quickly share information in the workplace. They are placed on the various valves and have important information listed on them. In many cases, a valve tag will be quite small so it can’t include all the necessary information. Even when larger tags are possible it is helpful to be able to reference a central location to gather more information about each valve. The easiest way to ensure all the details of each valve is available, most businesses will use a valve tag chart.

Information on a Valve Chart

A valve tag chart has a list of all the different valves in the facility, and detailed information about them. This will start with a reference number that corresponds to the actual valve tag placed on the valve itself. In addition, it will give information about where it is physically located, what type of fluid the valve is used to control, and more. When dealing with potentially dangerous fluids, the chart should also include information about the hazards and how to respond to them.

Types of Valves

There are many different types of valves that can be used in a facility, so having the chart separate them out can be a good idea. Valves can be placed on plumbing systems, hydraulic systems, pressure boilers, and much more. They can also be used for either liquids or gasses and having the proper valve for each is critical. Each facility will determine what type of valve they need for each situation and keep the valve tag chart updated to reflect the current information.

Benefits of a Valve Chart

A valve chart provides information about the physical location of valves, what they are used for, safety information, and much more. When used properly, they will make it very easy for employees, emergency responders, contractors, maintenance professionals, and all others to quickly get the valve tag information that they need to properly do their jobs and keep everyone safe.


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