What are ways to effectively remind workers of wire marking standards?

Implementing wire marking standards into the workplace is an important step for improving safety, reducing the risk of outages, and complying with best practices. It is, however, only the first step in the process. Even after you have developed a good set of standards in this area, you need to take steps to ensure your employees are following those standards at all times. The following are some proven ways to effectively remind workers of wire markings standards.

  • Annual Training Courses: Having an annual training course focused specifically on wire marking standards is a great way to ensure employees always know what to do. This type of training can either be done in a live conference setting, or as a digital training course, depending on your preference. Either way, proper training will keep people thinking about wire marking standards and help to ensure they are always using the latest best practices.
  • Safety Signs & Posters: Putting up safety signs and posters is a proven way to ensure people are doing everything they can to keep the workplace safe. Adding signs or posters that are focused on wire marking standards can serve as an excellent reminder. These visual reminders can be used in many areas throughout the facility, especially where there is likely to be a lot of wires that people are working with.
  • Topic in Meetings: Whenever conducting meetings of any sort, make sure to think about whether wire marking standards should be brought up. It doesn’t have to be a main topic of discussion, but simply mentioning it and how important these procedures are, will help to illustrate that this is a priority for the facility.
  • Award Compliance: Another great way to remind workers of wire marking standards is to award those who comply with the established procedures. Implementing some type of award that recognizes those who put safety first by ensuring all wires are properly marked will help to incentivize this type of positive action. It is even possible to simply make this one aspect of an overall safety and compliance award.

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