GHS Secondary Container Labels


GHS - Secondary Container Labels
  • GHS - Secondary Container Labels
  • GHS Secondary Container Labels
  • GHS Secondary Container Labels
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    GHS Secondary Container Labels

    Use Globally Harmonized System (GHS) secondary container labels as part of your Hazard Communication Program (HazCom). These 4” x 6” GHS safety labels come in rolls of 100 and can be used with LabelTac® printers. You can also fill in required information on your labels and/or black out unnecessary pictograms with a permanent marker.

    These labels are beneficial because they already have all the colors you need in a pre-printed format, so you only need to print in black. All other colors are provided for you. GHS pictogram color requirements state that pictograms must include black symbols with red outlines. These labels already include both of those elements.


    • Combine GHS & NFPA labels in a single label
    • Compatible with LabelTac® Printers
    • Template included with LabelSuite™ Software
    • Versatile GHS “black-out” method to reduce number of needed supply stocks
    • Can also be filled out with permanent marker


    Print complete Secondary Container Labels fast with LabelTac® Printers & included software

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      Write-on compatible

    Our Secondary Container Labels are also designed to be able to quickly filled out using any standard permanent marker or pen.


    If you’re wondering how to create GHS labels for marking workplace containers, consult your existing GHS labels or your chemical’s safety data sheet (SDS) where you’ll be able to find all the information you need for your secondary containers labels or bottle labels. You can also read our free GHS Guide for more detailed information about GHS chemical labeling.


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      GHS Secondary Container Labels

      GHS Secondary Container Labels


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