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LabelTac® 4 Arc Flash Supply Bundle
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    LabelTac® 4 Arc Flash Supply Bundle

    Complete your workplace labeling projects fast with a LabelTac® 4 Pipe Marking Supply Bundle. You’ll receive everything you need to start printing Insert type of projects here labels right away. With this bundle, you can create indoor/outdoor labels and signs up to 4” tall and 40” long.

    This name of bundle will simplify your labeling project and help you create code compliant labels that will keep your workers safe and organized while on the job. Creative Safety Supply’s labels are also incredibly durable in harsh industrial environments, they’re rated for 5+ years!

    Our labels are resistant to:

    • UV rays
    • Water
    • Chemicals
    • General wear and tear such as smudging and scratches

    You can save up to hundreds of dollars by purchasing a bundle like this one instead of purchasing supply by the roll. Start your labeling project today and save!

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    Thermal transfer printers work by using heat to transfer solid ink from the ribbon onto the label supply. As the ribbon passes through the print head and platen, the ink is bonded to the label supply (or other material) with heat and pressure, creating a permanent print.

    The use of heat to activate pigment is what makes thermal transfer printers unique from other printers. Since there are not many moving parts, thermal transfer printers are easier to maintain and tend to last longer. The labels they create are better able to withstand heat, weather, chemicals, water, and other harsh conditions.

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    Try LabelTac® in your facility! See just how top-notch these labels are up close and personal. We're happy to send you a variety of label samples to test out in your facility.

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    LabelTac® 4 Arc Flash Supply Bundle

    LabelTac® 4 Arc Flash Supply Bundle


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