LabelTac® 6 & 9 Continuous Header Supply


LabelTac® 6 & 9 Continuous Header Supply
  • LabelTac® 6 & 9 Continuous Header Supply
  • LabelTac® 6 & 9 Continuous Header Supply
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  • LabelTac® 6 & 9 Continuous Header Supply
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LabelTac® 6 & 9 Continuous Header Supply

Featuring a continuous stripe at the top of the roll, this supply is designed to allow the user the ability to print on either the white or colored area of the sign. Each vivid header color helps draw attention to the message on the sign. Choose from a variety of colorful header options and sizes to allow for virtually any labeling application.


Outdoor Life Rating 5+ years
Optimal Temp. Range -40° to 180°
Min. Application Temp. 46°
Thickness 2.8 mil
  • Rated Outdoor Life: 5+ Years
  • Min. Application Temp: 46°F
  • Service Temp: -40° to 180°F
  • UV / Chemical / Smear Resistant
  • Thickness: 2.8 mil
  • Shelf Life (unused): 1 Year
  • Strong Adhesive, Won't Delaminate

Fits Large Format Desktop Models

LabelTac® 6 and LabelTac® 9.

Part Numbers

 4” x 75’6” x 75’8” x 75’
Yellow LT401CNT-1.125-C LT601CNT-1.75-C LT801CNT-2.25-C
Black LT403CNT-1.125-C LT603CNT-1.75-C LT803CNT-2.25-C
Red LT404CNT-1.125-C LT604CNT-1.75-C LT804CNT-2.25-C
Green LT405CNT-1.125-C LT605CNT-1.75-C LT805CNT-2.25-C
Orange LT406CNT-1.125-C LT606CNT-1.75-C LT806CNT-2.25-C
Blue LT407CNT-1.125-C LT607CNT-1.75-C LT807CNT-2.25-C

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5 Year Warranty

Labels made with LabelTac® Supply are durable and long-lasting. We guarantee they will last 5 years indoors or outdoors. If your labels fail, we will send you one roll of the same supply for free.

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