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LabelTac Oily Surface Supply
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LabelTac® Oily Surface Supply

Oily Surface Supply is engineered with a specially formulated adhesive made for aggressive adherence to greasy and grimy surfaces. These labels will even stick to plastics generously coated with WD-40 or dirt, making it ideal for use in dirty work environments and on impossible-to-clean surfaces. When printed with oil-resistant ribbon, this supply will stand up to gasoline, moisture, sulfuric acid, and most oil-based products.


Outdoor Life Rating 5+ years
Optimal Temp. Range -40° to 350°
Min. Application Temp. 50°
Thickness 3.2 mil
  • Rated Outdoor Life: 5+ years
  • Min. Application Temp: 50°F
  • Service Temp: -40° to 350°F
  • UV / Chemical / Smear Resistant
  • Thickness: 3.2 mil
  • Shelf Life (unused): 1 Year
  • Tough polyester base
  • Special aggressive adhesive for greasy and grimy surfaces
  • Moisture, oil, gasoline, salt, and acid resistance

Product Specifications

  • Material: Thermal transfer, gloss-white polyester film
  • Adhesive: Hybrid, high-tack permanent
  • Compliances: FDA 21CFR175.105, UL/CSA recognized for certain applications using specific ribbon/printer combinations

LabelTac Oily Surface labels are ideal for applications including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Machine Tooling
  • Containers or any oil or grease-covered surface that needs to be labeled

  Not recommended for fanfold or auto-dispense configurations.


  • Improved productivity by eliminating time spent cleaning surfaces prior to applying a label.
  • Improved visibility and tracking by enabling the labeling of parts, assets and containers that are traditionally difficult to label.
  • Produces a strong and lasting chemical bond as the result of the adhesive reacting with the grease or oil-based surface.
  • Offers excellent tear strength, dimensional stability and heat and chemical resistance.

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