LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels


LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels
  • LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels
  • LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels
  • LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels
  • LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels
  • LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels
  • LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels
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    LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels

    LabelTac® Totem Rack Label Supply is designed to support rack labeling in tightly-packed warehouse environments with multi-level inventory racks. The totem pole labeling design allows you to keep rack labels for high shelving within reach, by stacking otherwise hard-to-scan labels in a vertical “totem” and placing it an easy-to-scan location near the inventory. While the label arrangement makes hard-to-reach rack labels accessible.

    Each barcode box is 2" tall and die-cut into peel-able labels based on color selection. The size of die-cut label depends on how many colors you select per label.

    ack not wide enough?  Want to be able to move these labels more easily? By selecting Yes to the Mounting Required option above, the Totem Labels will come with a pre-cut PVC blank and a 2" x  2" square of double-sided PSA per die cut label.  The Totem Rack label can then be applied to the blank after printing, and then be affixed to the rack with the double-sided PSA.

    Compatible with LabelTac 4 and Pro model printers. 


    Number of Colors 2 3 4 or 5
    Optimal Temp. Range -60°F to 230°F
    Min. Application Temp. 42°F
    Thickness 5.5 mil
    • Min. Application Temp: 42°F
    • Service Temp: -60°F to 230°F
    • Thickness: 5.5 mil
    • Shelf Life (unused): 1 Year

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    LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels

    LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels


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