Is 6S the Same as Six Sigma?

The concepts of 6S and Six Sigma are often used together since they are both related to improving the way that a business operates. While the names seem similar, and they are often discussed together, they are actually two separate and distinct systems that can be used by a company. Companies can implement these systems individually, or at the same time, and get some great results. If you are a company that wants to make sure that you are running your business properly, make sure that you learn about each of these two concepts and use them properly.

There is a lot to know about each of these two systems. Taking the time to really understand what they each have to offer will help to ensure you get the results you are looking for. 6S is a methodology that is used to find and eliminate waste in the workplace. It gives you six separate ways to look for waste so that it can be eliminated. These types of waste all start with the letter S, which is where it gets its name. 6S is an evolution of the 5S system as it has the same first 5 concepts but then adds on safety as an important 6th type of waste to watch out for.

Six Sigma, on the other hand, looks for ways to prevent defects from occurring in a process. For example, if a company is making a part for the automotive industry, it works to ensure that the part is made with no defects. By dramatically reducing the defects in the part that they make, the company is able to operate more efficiently and provide the services that are needed. While this can be looked at as a waste elimination step, it is distinct from the 6S methodology.

Additional facts about 6S

1. The 6S method is a continuous improvement process that requires regular inspections and routine checks to ensure that the established procedures are being followed. Source:
2. The 6S method is useful for managing a team or an organization. It helps establish a culture of continuous improvement, promotes efficient working environments, and ensures that safety standards are met. Source:
3. The 6S method can help organizations reduce costs, improve quality, and increase productivity. Source:


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