Should cranes be labeled?

Cranes are an essential part of many job sites, and they have really helped to revolutionize the construction industry as well as many others. Cranes also introduce a lot of potential hazards into an area, which must be addressed. There are many ways that a company can reduce the hazards associated with operating cranes, and one of those ways is through visual communication. This starts by using hand signals between the crane operator and someone on the ground near the load. Another great option is to use safety labels on and around the crane.

Types of Crane Safety Labels

Using labels on and around a crane is an important way to keep people safe while using these heavy machines. These labels can be printed on site using an industrial label printer, or custom printed from a third-party provider. Either way, having the right labels in place can be a great way to keep people focused on crane safety. The following are some important ways that labels can be used:

  • Pinch Point – Placing labels around the main crane area to let people know that it could turn and create a pinch point is very important. Crane operators have limited visibility in the areas immediately surrounding the crane cab, so having these labels can be lifesaving.
  • Safety Restraint Reminder – A label inside the crane cab to remind the operator to use the safety restraints is critical. A properly strapped in crane operator will be able to work much more safely.
  • Falling Materials Reminder – Putting labels on the items being lifted, or on the area below where a crane is operating, to let people know of the risk of falling objects is critical.
  • General Maintenance Labels – Labels are a great source of information when it comes to performing general maintenance on any machine, including a crane.
  • Level Foundation Instructions – Labels telling operators to always set up the crane on a strong, level foundation can help to minimize the risk of having the crane tip over.

There are many other types of labels that can be used on and around a crane. Crane operators and safety managers should take the time to look at the entire area to determine where the best placement of labels may be.



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