What is an EOT crane?

Electric Overhead Traveling Crane, or EOT crane for short, is a popular type of crane used in a variety of different environments. They are a type of overhead crane, and can also be called a bridge crane. The system consists of parallel runways that have a traveling bridge between them. The electric motors will allow the crane system to move back and forth along the bridge in order to be positioned where it is needed. Once in place, the lifting mechanism of the crane will be attached to the load so that it can be hoisted into the air. From there, the system can move the load along the bridge until it is positioned where the load is needed.

Where are EOT Cranes Used?

EOT cranes are most commonly used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, workshops, auto-mechanics shops, and more. Any place where heavy objects either need to be lifted up and kept in one spot, or lifted and move to another location, on a regular basis may benefit from this type of crane. While they can sometimes be found in shipping yards, that is not as common because it is often necessary to move these objects in more directions than just back and forth, which can be a challenge for an EOT crane.

Operating EOT Cranes

In most cases, the EOT crane will be operated from a location either on the floor where the lifting mechanism is used, or near either end of the support bridge. This will help to give the crane operator the best visibility possible. Unlike many other types of cranes, the operator won’t move along with the crane itself. Despite this, however, it is still necessary for the crane operator to take safety steps to ensure they are operating the system correctly. This can include forms of visual communication, personal protection equipment, and much more.


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