What are the different types of cranes?

A crane is a popular machine that is used to lift objects and move them into the desired positions. They have been used for generations, though modern cranes have advanced significantly over the years. Today there are many different types of cranes used depending on the needs of a particular situation. Understanding the various options will help ensure the right one is chosen to complete a job properly.

Types of Cranes

The following are some of the most popular cranes used today:

  • Telescopic Crane – A telescopic crane uses a telescopic system that allows the crane to extend out to reach items to pick up and move.
  • Floating Crane – A floating crane is on a boat or floating island and used to move objects on the boat, for an offshore oil rig, or other things.
  • Harbor Crane – Harbor cranes are built onto platforms in the water. They are typically used to load or unload cargo vessels.
  • Crawler Crane – These are among the most commonly seen cranes. They are on a vehicle so that the crane can move into place for any job.
  • Aerial Crane – An aerial crane is typically on a powerful helicopter and used to lift and transport objects in areas where traditional cranes can’t be used.
  • Tower Crane – Tower cranes are fixed to the top of or side of some type of tower. They are commonly seen in the construction of skyscrapers where they lift large beams and other equipment up where it is needed.

Most cranes today are powered by electric motors, moved with vehicles, and can lift massive amounts of weight. Modern cranes are one of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to completing major construction projects, managing shipping, and keeping the economy going strong. Without these incredible machines, most things would have to be moved by hand, or wouldn’t be possible at all.


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