What are the most common crane safety hazards?

Cranes are an essential machine for many industries. Due to the fact that it is so large, and it moves such heavy objects, it can also be very dangerous. Learning about the various hazards associated with using cranes will help to identify the risks in the workplace. Read on to discover some of the most common crane safety hazards so that steps can be taken to keep everyone protected.

Falling Loads: When a load is being moved through the air it is possible that something could happen resulting in it falling. The worst case option is that the line snaps and the entire load is dropped onto the area below. Much more common, however, is for one or more objects to be improperly secured so that they fall off. Anyone below the load will be at serious risk of injury should they get hit by these falling objects.

Overloading the Crane: Every crane has a maximum load weight that it can handle. In some cases, that maximum load will vary based on things like how far out the crane is reaching, the foundation it is on, and more. If the load that is being moved is greater than the maximum rated amount, it could cause the crane to tip over, the load to sway too much, or other problems. It is never safe to go over the maximum load limit, even by a little bit.

Electrical Hazards: Cranes typically operate at high heights, which means they may be in the same area as electrical lines and hazards. If the operator is not careful, the crane could come into contact with the electrical lines, which is very dangerous. This could result in electrocution for the operator, or causing the line to break, exposing those on the ground to great risk.

Pinch Points: Most cranes will be able to move at the base in order to put the load where it needs to go. When this happens, anyone who is in the area surrounding the crane could get trapped in a pinch point and get crushed. The crane operator typically does not have visibility to the area directly around the machine, which makes this safety hazard even more serious.


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