What are crane safety inspections?

Crane inspections need to be done on a regular basis in order to minimize the risk of something breaking, which could cause a disaster. OSHA requires that cranes be inspected monthly and annually to avoid potential problems. In addition, crane operators are required to perform pre-operation inspections to look for obvious problems that could cause issues while the crane is in use that day. Any company that owns a crane, or even one that just rents it for a project, will want to understand what crane safety inspections are, and how they should be performed.

Crane Safety Inspection Checklists

It is a good idea to have crane safety inspection checklists available for those who are performing the inspection. This will allow them to go through the list and check every item that could cause problems. There are quite a few pre-made crane safety inspection checklists that can be downloaded online, or a crane operator can create their own. Having a checklist for daily operation inspections, pre-task inspections, monthly equipment inspections, and other inspections, will keep everyone following the same standards at all times.

Crane Specific Safety Inspections

There are many different types of cranes that are in use today. While they will all need the same type of general safety inspections, each type will also have specific areas that also need to be looked at. Having a checklist or set of best practices on performing inspections on the exact type of crane being used is also very important. This will allow the crane, and the company where it is being used, to remain compliant with OSHA rules and regulations. In addition, it will help to improve the overall safety of the workplace.


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