What are some examples of fire protection measures?

Fires have the potential to be one of the most devastating events in the workplace if the right safety measures are in place. Implementing or installing standard fire protection systems is important to reduce the growth rate of fire to prevent additional injuries and property damage.

Measures for Fire Safety

Below are recommendations to consider when reviewing your company's protection measures:

  • Fire safety plan: Having a written plan in place for fire protection is key! At a minimum these plans should include evacuation procedures, building plans with the locations of fire exits, fire extinguisher, alarm control points, first aid stations, emergency exit routes, etc. clearly marked, as well as a list of methods required to proactively prevent fires.
  • Emergency evacuation: Clearly mark evacuation routes in your building with glow tape and floor marking to direct people to the nearest exit. Regularly check fire doors, stairways, and evacuation routes to ensure they are kept clear at all times.
  • Maintenance: Faulty fire protection systems won't do your workplace any good in the case of an emergency. Keep everything in working order by scheduling preventative inspections for all fire protection systems (fire sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, monitors, etc.) so maintenance can be performed before it's too late.
  • Fire extinguisher: Probably the most common type of fire protection equipment, fire extinguishers should be properly installed, inspected regularly, and clearly marked with the class of fire for which it is appropriate.
  • Fire safety training: Have employees been trained on handling fire extinguishers? Any workers who have a designated responsibility in the case of emergency (like the fire warden) should also be given the proper training and education.
  • Emergency procedures: In addition to clearly marking evacuation routes and emergency exits, conduct fire drills at least twice a year and post all emergency numbers near telephones. Help employees quickly locate exits by posting bright emergency exit signs.
  • Fire alarm systems: As a prevention system, fire alarms detect and alert people to a fire in order to get the building evacuated as soon as possible. Ensure the fire alarm system is in working order and the other fire protection systems connected to them work as well.

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