Who can give fire safety training?

Basic fire safety training is required by law for all employees in most workplaces. This includes warehouses, storage facilities, manufacturers of various materials etc. As for the question of who can administer that training, it falls on the shoulders of an individual who is seen as competent in fire safety. This is a person who has suitable skills and a plethora of relevant knowledge involving fire prevention and taking action in the event of a fire. Overall, this general fire training session administered to staff can be completed by a chosen staff member or a fire warden/fire marshal.

The employee undergoing fire safety training to become the company’s official go-to person for fire safety related issues and training duties can take a class online or in person. Once this course is completed, they will receive a certification that lasts for three years.

Training Events for Fire Safety

The things that staff will learn from these instructors include protocol along the lines of the following. Remember, these training events may vary in content depending on the type of workplace that is involved.

  • Their own responsibilities involving fire safety
  • The threat that fire poses to people and company property
  • The elements that are required to create a fire in a workplace setting
  • Fire classification, the respective types of fire extinguishers that are needed, and how to use those extinguishers
  • How to use personal protective equipment such as fire blankets
  • Preventative strategies for fires in the workplace
  • The role of active and passive fire protection equipment

Personnel who provide are providing fire safety training should be available for employees to go to for questions. If any sort of information is not understood or is unclear it is encouraged to ask since the more knowledge anyone has about fire safety, the better.


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