What are Examples of Quality Improvement in Healthcare?

Many people are hesitant to look at healthcare facilities like people do with other industries and with good reason. In other industries, looking for ways to improve efficiency and streamline processes is always seen as a good thing, but in the healthcare industry, it needs to be tempered with the understanding that patient care always needs to come first. Fortunately, many things can be done in the healthcare industry that helps to improve the quality of the facility as well as the care patients receive.

There are many examples of quality improvement in the healthcare industry that have seen a lot of success over the years. Implementing these types of things or using them to come up with additional ideas for how to improve things can help everyone involved.

One way to improve the quality of care that patients are receiving in a healthcare facility is to take steps to ensure they are safe whenever in the area. Most healthcare facilities today do this by making sure that hazardous medications, sharp objects, and other biohazards are kept locked up so that patients cannot get access to them. This needs to be done in a way that ensures medical professionals’ quick access to what they need, while still keeping everything away from the patients.

Another example of quality improvement in healthcare is allowing tasks to be handled directly by those who are the best at them. Many hospitals, for example, have adopted pharmacist-led medication therapy where pharmacists take on a greater role when it comes to identifying the proper medication for a given situation. This same concept can be adapted to many other situations so that facilities can improve care while also optimizing the way the facility operates.


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