What is Lean Management in Healthcare?

Operating a healthcare facility of any kind takes a lot of work and an approach that generally does not apply to other industries. As more and more healthcare companies move toward lean management strategies, it is becoming even more important that managers know how to properly get things done in a way that as efficient as possible.

Lean management is a way of managing people and processes that is focused on constant improvement and waste elimination. In the healthcare industry, this can be a difficult balance because while operating efficiently is important, it is even more important to be able to provide patients with the best level of care possible. A good lean management strategy will find ways to balance these things.

As a lean manager in the healthcare industry, it is necessary to look at the concept of efficiency a little differently than one would in other industries. For example, while hospitals should never simply discharge a patient because they need more care than average, they should try to find the most efficient way to diagnose and treat them possible.

Another thing that lean managers in healthcare need to do is take steps to make sure their facility is as safe as possible. Safety issues can result in significant amounts of waste for any company, and especially one in the healthcare industry. Looking for ways to reduce risk and ensure everyone is working in the safest way possible will provide patients with a better environment while also improving overall efficiency.


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