Why is Safety in Healthcare Important?

Safety is important in ever industry, but in the healthcare industry there are some factors that really make it even more essential. If you run a healthcare facility, or are responsible for the safety in one, you need to have a detailed understanding of why safety is so important.

The first thing to keep in mind is that unlike many workplaces, healthcare facilities are constantly being visited by people who cannot be given training, personal protection equipment, or other things to help protect them. These are often people who are sick or those who are taking care of sick people, so their focus is not going to be on keeping the area safe. For this reason, healthcare facilities need to go above and beyond in identifying potential hazards and mitigating them so that everyone who enters the area is protected.

Next, looking at all the potential dangers that exist in healthcare facilities can help to illustrate why focusing on safety is so important. In a hospital, for example, there are hazardous drugs and medication, flammable gasses, sharp instruments, and a variety of other types of dangers. All of these things may be present in a single room as well as spread out throughout the area. If you fail to account for even one potential hazard, it could cause widespread harm.

Unlike most workplaces, hospitals and other healthcare facilities generally cannot just evacuate when there is a problem. Some patients can’t be moved, doctors may be involved in procedures, and other family members may be unwilling to leave loved ones. This means that if a major hazard does exist, it cannot be dealt with in the same way that it could in other types of facilities.

Having a comprehensive safety plan in place is always important, but in healthcare facilities, it is critical.


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