What supplies are needed for implementing a rack labeling system?

Rack labeling is an incredibly useful warehouse organizational tool and it only requires three components.

  • Labels – these can be standard peel and stick labels, magnetic, cold-storage, reflective, and even totem-rack labels. There are countless types of label material to choose from that fit the needs of any facility.
  • An industrial label printer – An in-house setup for printing all the labels that a facility needs not only makes these necessary organizational tools available immediately, it also saves the company quite a bit of money. On the other hand, the common route for ordering barcode labels is just like any other custom order process. The customer must send the relevant information and their specifications to the manufacturer to custom make the labels and then ship them out. In comparison to having in-house label printing capabilities, custom ordering labels becomes surprisingly expensive and wastes time. Repeat orders especially become cumbersome because the whole customization process must be done again. Luckily, wasted time and money can be entirely avoided if the company chooses to invest in their own labeling machine.
  • A scanner – Barcodes are useless without a gadget that enables the employee to read the encoded message. Scanners are an essential part of any rack labeling system that happens to use barcodes as the main source of messages.

With these three items, a business can transform their workplace into one that easily keeps track of inventory and works to improve supply chain efforts. Workers will also become faster at locating necessary items. Lastly, with the addition of an in-house printing system, the company will have an opportunity to save on costs regarding the labeling itself as well as savings from eliminating wastes such as time, energy, and over processing.


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