What are 'Safety Zone' signs?

Workplace safety is an important priority in every industry. In facilities where injuries are more common, or more serious, a lot more attention is typically paid to keep people safe. In many situations it may be necessary to designate specific areas where safety is of critical importance. In these areas, it is not uncommon for companies to put up safety zone signs.

What is a Safety Zone?

In most cases, a safety zone is going to be an area of a roadway where pedestrians are given the right of way. These are often curbed areas, which can help prevent vehicles from entering them even on accident. The point of safety zones in public areas is to help ensure people and vehicles aren’t attempting to travel in the same areas, which can be very dangerous.

What Goes on A Safety Zone Sign?

A safety zone sign can be as simple as a red sign with white letters that says, “SAFETY ZONE.” It can also be more detailed and include information about the safety area. For example, in many private areas people will put up a safety zone sign that alerts people that there is no trespassing, no shooting, no hunting, and no fishing within a specific area. This is important to help keep people off of property where they could otherwise get hurt.

In the workplace, a safety zone sign may indicate that people are not to enter an area with electrical equipment, magnetic items, hazardous chemicals, or other items. Putting up a sign to remind everyone that they need to take extra precautions before entering an area is a fast, easy, and effective way to reduce the risk of accident or injury in the workplace.

Creating Safety Zone Signs

Safety zone signs often need to be customized in order to convey the exact information that is required. When this is the case, many companies will choose to use an industrial label or sign printer. These printers can create a sign with the right text, proper images, and the desired colors in order to convey the message that is needed. There are also places that sell generic, or even custom, safety signs if a company would rather order them from a third party.


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